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General Questions

  • How do we access 90+ my tuition app?

    90+ My Tuition App can be freely downloaded from Play Store.

  • Do we need internet connectivity to play videos in 90+ My Tuition App?

    No. Internet connectivity is required only for downloading the videos. Once it is downloaded, will work as offline mode.

  • 90+ My Tuition App is meant for which category of students?

    Students who are studying in both English and Malayalam medium of Kerala State Syllabus can use 90+ My Tuition App.

  • Who is preparing 90+ My Tuition App contents?

    Daskalos Virtual Academy Private Limited.

  • Practice question & Home test is offline?


  • Doubt ticketing is unlimited?

    No, four times in a month for each subject.


  • Did the price is inclusive of GST?


  • EMI Available?



  • Which are the subjects covered in 90+ My Tuition App?

    Mathematics & Science of Kerala State Syllabus.

Other Questions

  • How long we can use My Tuition App?

    An academic year.


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