Have Doubts? we’ll answer them

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General Questions

  • How do we access my tuition app?

    My Tuition App can be freely downloaded from Play Store.

  • Do we need internet connectivity to use My Tuition App?

    No. Internet connectivity is required only for downloading the videos. Once it is downloaded, then it can be used even in an offline mode.

  • My Tuition App is meant for which category of students?

    Students who are studying in both English and Malayalam medium of Kerala State Syllabus can use this app.

  • Who is preparing this My Tuition App?

    Dasklos Virtual Academy Private Limited is preparing this vedios. A group of young vibrant team of teachers handle sessions under the supervision of eminent scholars.

Other Questions

  • Which are the classes and subjects covered under this app?

    This year we are dealing with four subjects i.e., Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for 8th, 9th and 10th standards of Kerala State Syllabus.

  • How long we can use My Tuition App?

    It is meant for an academic year.

  • Did the charge is inclusive of GST?

    Yes. The charge for the entire course of each class is only RS.4000 (which includes GST)