Work with us

Daskalos Virtual Academy Private Ltd performs innovative work in management. We wish to employ virtual consultants and agents across Kerala to promote our product ’90+ My Tuition App’.

In Kerala, on an average 4.5 lakhs students appear SSLC examinations in each year. It is disheartening that, in spite of all digital revolutions, our classrooms still practice traditional or orthodox methods of teaching, especially at the school level. It forced the parents to spend huge amount of money for private tuitions, however, which do not meet quality standards. The net result is poor performance and low score by the students. At this juncture, we have introduced My Tuition App. Our objective is to offer the best platform for the students who can learn better and score more by increasing their interaction in educational activities.

Who is a Dealer

We provide ample opportunity to those who wish to serve us as our dealers. Dealers are our business partners. Therefore, by offering dealership, we offer each one to become a part of this company which is waiting to grow exponentially. You can decide your remuneration by your hard and smart work. Rather, we support you with quality products and timely delivery. We wish to employ a maximum of 80 dealers across the state. The dealer must act as the link between the virtual consultants and the company.

Who is a Virtual Consultants

We wish to provide another business offer to the public as our virtual consultants. Virtual consultants can work either under dealers or directly from the company. The duty of an virtual consultant is to introduce our products to the students and their parents. Our company does not give any fixed targets; rather each virtual consultant is free to decide their remuneration by their hard work and skill sets.