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Message from our mentor

Message from our mentor

Teaching is considered to be one of the most difficult tasks in the modern world mainly due to the heterogeneity of the class room community. There are brilliant, above average, average and poor performers in a class. It is naturally easier to teach the brilliant students, but they generally form less than 10% of the total number.

The main problem thus, lingers on how to deal with the rest of the class that forms the majority? It is disheartening that, in spite of all these technological revolutions, Indian classrooms still practice traditional or orthodox methods of teaching, especially at the school level. It is therefore high time to change the system and to develop an alternative method to teach this majority according to the advancements in modern technology.

We are all aware that the human mind can concentrate upon a session or a class up to 15 to 20 minutes only. Therefore the question arises on how to teach our students for longer durations? How do we make the learning process interesting?

By weighing the pros and cons of the likes and dislikes of the younger generation, Daskalos Virtual Academy Private Ltd has come up with a solution through virtual classes.  The term virtual classes means, to teach the students by using visual models. Visual learning makes complete sense only when someone considers our brain mainly as an image processor, and not a word processor. In fact, the part of the brain used to process words is quite small in comparison to the part that processes visual images.

By keeping this point in mind, the company has developed a series of virtual classes in the form of My Tuition App, to address the present issues pertaining to the student community of our country.

I believe this is a right step, at the right time, in the right direction. I am also extremely happy and privileged to say that my former students have come up with this great idea while having a strong social commitment in mind. I appreciate the entire team’s efforts and wish them the very best.

Dr. Rajesh Kenoth

(Economist, Management expert and Columnist)

About the Company

About the Company

Daskalos Virtual Academy Pvt Ltd is a company set up by a group of professionals who perform innovative work in management. Our group consists of entrepreneurs, researchers and management experts.

We have implemented the project prepared by the eminent economist and management expert Dr Rajesh Kenoth. The project is entitled as “Virtual Study Model: Need of the Hour” and aims to address the present issues pertaining to the school going students across the country. In the project, he has identified two major issues that act as an obstacle to the school goers. First is the quality of teachers. Second is the usage of orthodox / traditional methods of teaching.

As a panacea to this, he has suggested the use of virtual study models. According to him, virtual study models are the best techniques to adopt and to improve the learning skills of students, especially at the school level.


We strive to become a major player in the national education system. We are passionate in helping students through innovative ideas and technologies to maximize their learning potential and thereby fulfilling their dreams.


Our mission is to progress the quality of learning process and aims at improving student's marks and grades. It's our goal to be the country's most student-centric virtual institution, where students can find and discover anything they might want to learn.